About us

We are a leading European printed circuit board (PCB) design company, specializing in high-performance layout design for high-speed, high-density and high-power applications in consumer and industrial markets. We provide customers with low-cost, turn-key solutions to prototyping and production-engineering challenges, that minimize design and production costs, as well as risk. We have one of the longest track records in the industry, with >35 years of activity and >12 years of UNI EN ISO9001 accreditation. We have working knowledge and experience with most European and worldwide certification requirements.

What are our capabilities?

We cater for a diverse customer base, and routinely design PCBs of varying complexity, ranging from 1 to >20 layers, using rigid as well as flexible and hybrid substrates, with through as well as buried vias. We also offer our customers complete 3D modelling solutions for space-constrained applications, and formal signal-integrity and cross-talk analysis. We can work with the Orcad, PADS and DX Designer environments, and have in-house conversion tools that enable us to read and write many other formats too. We also provide complete prototyping solutions, and can take care of component procurement, PCB assembly and prototype testing and characterization.

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Where are we located?

Our head office is located in Brendola, near Vicenza, in the Veneto region, northern Italy. We are within easy reach from the Venice, Treviso and Verona airports, which are directly connected to most European cities. The area provides a unique blend of technology and culture: historic Vicenza is a UNESCO world heritage site, and the sorrounding towns have developed over decades into one of Southern Europe's most densely industrialized electronics and mechanics hubs. We routinely serve customers from all over Europe and the Mediterranean basin, most of whom do not even need to physically visit us thanks to extensive use of video-conferencing facilities.