PCB Layout

  • single-side and multilayers PCB, without software limits

  • rigid, flexible or mixed technology

  • through, blind and buried holes

  • PTH e SMT component decals

  • FINE PITCH routing

  • HI-SPEED signals and controlled impedance routing

  • high-voltage and high-power circuits

  • stackup calculation

  • signal integrity and crosstalk analysis

  • Pads layout router with possibility to translate from/to other routing softwares

  • 3D files managing for boards with mechanic restrictions

  • schematics in Orcad, Pads Logic, DX Designer to translate from/to other routing softwares

  • production files (gerber files, drill files, assembly coordinates, test points coordinates, CAM files and other costum files on request)

  • solutions for:

High-density design

High-power design

High-speed design



Example of Printed Circuit Board with a 0,5mm pitch BGA